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Umbraco New Year's Reception 2018 with Niels and Anders
Jan 23, 2018 – 40:5 – 541 plays – 2 likes
A recording of the live-streamed Umbraco New Year's Reception 2018 with Niels Hartvig, The Umbraco Chief Unicorn, and Anders, Major Friend Maker.
What's it like being a developer at Umbraco HQ ?
Jan 19, 2018 – 02:11 – 194 plays – 1 likes
Wave goodbye to registering billable hours and say hello to taking an active part in shaping the world's friendliest CMS. Mikkel knows exactly why he loves working at Umbraco HQ - maybe he'll have you dreaming of an HQ job as well?

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What's your favourite thing about working at Umbraco?
Jan 19, 2018 – 02:18 – 2362 plays – 1 likes
We asked 5 different Umbraco HQ folks what they like the most about working at Umbraco. Turns out they give quite some interesting and surprising answers....

If you'd like to become part of Umbraco HQ, take a look at our job section and see if there's a position waiting for you on one of our teams:
Welcome to Umbraco HQ
Jan 19, 2018 – 04:30 – 1430 plays – 2 likes
Niels Hartvig, the Umbraco founder with the prestigious title; Cheif Unicorn, will show you around Umbraco HQ.
What's it like being an intern at Umbraco HQ?
Jan 18, 2018 – 02:13 – 144 plays – 1 likes
Considering doing your internship at Umbraco HQ? Then listen to what Eric has to say. He started as an intern knowing absolutely nothing about Umbraco - now he's a full time hire. If you're interested, why not see if there's an internship waiting for you:
What's it like working as a Supporter at Umbraco HQ?
Jan 18, 2018 – 02:20 – 793 plays – 1 likes
Sofie will tell you what it's like to work as one of our friendly support warriors at Umbraco HQ. She'll take you through her initial concerns before starting here and walk you through her daily tasks - perhaps she might even convince you to apply for a job and become part of our proud, talented and much loved Umbraco SWAT team (Support Warriors And Troubleshooters):