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  • Andreas Emtinger 23 posts 185 karma points
    Oct 13, 2021 @ 22:08
    Andreas Emtinger

    Change storage location of the media folder

    Hi, I have a problem reading from media folder (Or Umbraco has).

    I have followed these instructions to move my media folder:

    My composer:

    public class SetMediaFileSystemComposer : IComposer
        public void Compose(IUmbracoBuilder builder)
            builder.SetMediaFileSystem((factory) =>
                var hostingEnvironment = factory.GetRequiredService<IHostingEnvironment>();
                var settings = factory.GetRequiredService<ISiteSettings>();
                var globalSettings = factory.GetRequiredService<IOptions<GlobalSettings>>().Value;
                var mediaFolder = settings.MediaPath.Fallback(globalSettings.UmbracoMediaPath);
                var rootPath = mediaFolder.StartsWith("~")
                    ? hostingEnvironment.MapPathWebRoot(mediaFolder)
                    : mediaFolder;
                var rootUrl = hostingEnvironment.ToAbsolute("/Media");
                return new PhysicalFileSystem(

    My ISiteSettings is from my appsettings.json:

      "SiteSettings": {
        "MediaPath": "D:\\Code\\_RuntimeFiles\\Media"

    When I upload a image in BackOffice, I can see that the image is created in D:\Code_RuntimeFiles\Media

    But Umbraco can't display the image in BackOffice or in my views.

    A bug?

    When I added a custom ImageController to override the "get" part, I could display the image (BackOffice and in my views). But then ImageProccessor didn't started...

    public class MediaController : Controller
        private readonly MediaFileManager _mediaFileManager;
        private readonly IImageUrlGenerator _imageUrlGenerator;
        public MediaController(
            MediaFileManager fileManager, 
            IImageUrlGenerator imageUrlGenerator)
            _mediaFileManager = fileManager;
            _imageUrlGenerator = imageUrlGenerator;
        public IActionResult Index(string id, string file)
            var imagePath = Path.Combine(id, file);
            var ext = Path.GetExtension(imagePath);
            // we need to check if it is an image by extension
            if (_imageUrlGenerator.IsSupportedImageFormat(ext) == false)
                return NotFound();
            var image = _mediaFileManager.FileSystem.OpenFile(imagePath);
            return File(image, MediaTypeNames.Image.Jpeg);
  • Andreas Emtinger 23 posts 185 karma points
    Oct 13, 2021 @ 22:50
    Andreas Emtinger

    Update: I removed my MediaController.

    I added this to Startup.cs/Configure:

    if (siteSettings.MediaPath.IsInvalid() || siteSettings.MediaPath.StartsWith("~"))
    var mediaPath = hostingEnvironment.ToAbsolute(globalSettings.Value.UmbracoMediaPath);
    app.UseStaticFiles(new StaticFileOptions
       FileProvider = new PhysicalFileProvider(siteSettings.MediaPath),
       RequestPath = mediaPath,

    Now I can see the images. BUT I get original images, not cropped (when I am using crop).

    Why? :(

  • Andreas Emtinger 23 posts 185 karma points
    Oct 13, 2021 @ 22:58
    Andreas Emtinger

    Thumbnail image in BackOffice is not 500px as requested: Not a thumbnail...

  • Arjan H. 166 posts 321 karma points c-trib
    Nov 16, 2021 @ 23:32
    Arjan H.

    Hi Andreas. Did you manage to resolve this? I'm having the same issue. I was able to implement a custom FileSystemProvider, but using a directory outside of wwwroot breaks ImageSharp. I think we need to look at how the Umbraco.StorageProviders.AzureBlob package works and implement a similar FileSystemProvider:

  • andrew shearer 465 posts 580 karma points
    Nov 17, 2021 @ 01:28
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