HQ support and promotion for festivals


Umbraco Festivals are a great way of building and maintaining relationships within the community and between the community and Umbraco HQ.

Umbraco HQ will support the organizers of a given festival in accordance with these guidelines:


  • The recipient of a sponsorship should live up to Umbraco HQ values.
  • Umbraco HQ does not sponsor any events promoting competing products (add-ons, CMS etc)
  • Sponsoring can only be agreed on before the festival takes place.

In-Kind sponsoring can consist of:

  • One or more speakers from HQ. A list of current HQ speakers is available here
  • Promotion through HQ online media e.g. newsletter, banner on Our, blog, twitter
  • Umbraco swag e.g. stickers, t-shirts etc.
  • Prizes eg. free seats on training, free Cloud sites, free nominative Codegarden ticket(s) (depending on the size of the festival), and other relevant.
  • A free Umbraco Cloud project for the festival site and payment of the domain.

Financial sponsoring only in accordance with the general guidelines:

  • Financial sponsoring is primarily given to help NEW festivals establish their brand and is given for a maximum of three(3) years.
  • The financial sponsoring should make a difference - i.e. have an impact. And the amount is established on a case by case basis.
  • Established festivals will only receive financial support for particular interesting Keynotes and normally the fee is shared with the organizers.
  • It can be agreed that HQ places its training in connection to a festival - bundling of festival tickets and training tickets can be agreed upon between the organizers and HQ.

Brand and domain Guidelines:

  • Must be used as the shape and the brand name (“U” in a circle + Umbraco).
  • Logo color should be:
    • Blue (#3544b1)
    • White (#ffffff)
    • Black (#000000)
  • Logo shape must not be altered.
  • The Codegarden name and logos are not to be used by anyone but Umbraco A/S for the annual Codegarden Conference.

Download Umbraco logo zip file here.

Domain name:

  • The Umbraco festivals are the only exception to the rule that no one can use Umbraco in the domain name.  
  • We appreciate that established festivals already have an established domain. For the new festivals, we provide domain and hosting for domains named: “umbracofestival.TLD”. (e.g. umbracofestival.nl)
  • Umbraco HQ owns “umbracofestival” domains on the following top-level domains:
    • .at
    • .be
    • .dk
    • .es
    • .fr
    • .nl
    • .se
    • .uk
  • If you already have an established festival domain on a different URL, we are happy to redirect traffic to it from the relevant domain mentioned above.