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Codegarden 2012 keynote
Oct 15, 2015 – 54:58 – 132 plays
Niels Hartvig announces that v5 is being discontinued
From customer need to Umbraco setup
Sep 10, 2015 – 50:12 – 115 plays
Building a homepage is not about coding, it´s about letting your customer’s business meet their customers’ needs (okay it´s also about coding).

In this session we will tell how you can go from customers’ needs to a final set-up i Umbraco.

This includes defining the purpose, meeting the users, going from needs to function, doing the framing and the design of the UX, and finally how to set up the Umbraco backend to support the needed data output in a way that is easy to use for the editors. MVC, webforms or both?
Sep 10, 2015 – 50:37 – 66 plays
our-codegarden-2012 MVC, webforms or both?
Go Basic, website framework by the Danish state
Sep 10, 2015 – 50:31 – 33 plays
Join Special Consultant at the Danish Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Interior, Rasmus Rudolf, as he talks about the base line website framework for Government websites that the Danish State has made publicly available.