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Panel: Why we picked Umbraco
Sep 21, 2016 – 54:47
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Hear from 3 very different Umbraco clients why they went with Umbraco, what they love about it, and they see its unique selling points.

Its a rare glimpse into what your customers think are great about Umbraco, why they picked over compering products and also how they think Umbraco could improve.

Represented on the Panel is:

Christian Hoffmann, Lambretta Watches running a e-commerce website on top of Umbraco and Ucommerce
Vidar Aune Westrum from Komplett Group, managing marketing and sales content as part of the massive Komplett website operations
Afredo Pulvirent, managing websites at the Council of the European Union, whom recently decided to switch to Umbraco.
Why is wysiwyg so hard?
Sep 21, 2016 – 34:52
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Joakim will talk about the hows and why of TinyMCE as well as why wysiwyg is so complicated to get just right. And he should know, as he’s been one of the driving forces behind the open source rich text editor of TinyMCE for the past 10 years.
Unit Testing Umbraco
Sep 21, 2016 – 54:55
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Automated tests for software has become the de facto standard for professional development. For web and apps as well as traditional software. Using the best CMS out there is no excuse.
The code we write for it is just as important to test. Many will give up though. Unit testing can be hard to get good at in itself, and when tightly coupled code looms ahead it might be even easier to let it go. Umbraco is no different - it's has had its ups and downs with respect to testability. However, hope is not lost for us Umbracians.
This session will show you how to write tests for the bits and pieces developers most often write for Umbraco.
Umbraco + Firebase
Sep 21, 2016 – 39:38
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Creating dynamic apps in the cloud with Firebase & UaaS

Firebase is Google’s full stack NoSQL cloud platform that allows developers to build extraordinary realtime apps. Combine that with the power of UaaS, you’ve got a blissful duo: an app in the cloud supported by a database in the cloud!

In this session, Badi will take you on a wild ride of speed-coding with Firebase’s JavaScript APIs to build a real-world application in UaaS. We will explore the key features of Firebase including realtime data synchronization, user authentication and session management and how this plays nicely with UaaS to help you create dynamic apps in the cloud that are ready to use and ready to scale—all in a few simple steps. You will also learn how you can easily authenticate users of your app on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter!
Umbraco community inclusion efforts
Sep 21, 2016 – 54:56
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To truly innovate, we cannot afford to leave behind half our population. In recent years, there's been a push to increase the number of women and minorities in the science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) fields, but despite this push, the numbers have not really changed much in the last 14 years, and the Umbraco community is not immune to this phenomena. In this session, we'll be taking a deeper look at what we're up against, why we should be paying attention to it, and initiatives we can explore moving forward as we work to build a more inclusive, successful, and innovative community.
Umbraco as a Service and Visual Studio
Sep 21, 2016 – 56:48
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So you created a new Umbraco as a Service Project, but all you got was a url to clone a git repository. But how do you get up and running when Visual Studio is your preferred tool for developing Umbraco based solutions?

In this session we will look at what you get after clicking "Create Project" in the Umbraco as a Service Portal, and how you get from a newly created project to a solution in Visual Studio.

We will also talk about Developer workflows around Umbraco as a Service Projects, and take a look at what the future has in store for Visual Studio + Umbraco as a Service and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).
Umbraco anti-patterns
Sep 21, 2016 – 53:42
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Previously on Codegarden Marc Goodsoon talked about my adventures with and Umbraco; which in turn led him to leaving and working for the popular Umbraco Gold Partner Moriyama; where he expected to be building one shiny new Umbraco site after another; but in reality Mark found himself inheriting site after site of crazily broken Umbraco implementations.

This talk will give you ways to identify when you going down a wrong path in Umbraco, and better solutions to common challenges Umbraco developers face.
The designer and the developer: A happy marriage
Sep 21, 2016 – 45:50
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There’s a new kid in town. This guy is called Design Thinking, and luckily, has nothing to do with Designer Divas. Instead, Design Thinking is a tool for digital projects that is not about aesthetics but about getting a better understanding of user needs.

Understanding user needs within the project team is key to success, and in this session, Laura will walk you through the process on how to apply the understanding of user needs to the project team in a web development process.

By applying a few very simple tricks you will experience a much better collaboration within the project team and with the client. It might even earn you a hug from the designer.
Design, Creative Processes, and Cargo Cult Science
Sep 21, 2016 – 44:41
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Successful companies work in vastly different ways, and their advice for success are often at edge. If flat hierarchies promote creativity, how can Apple be so creative and lucrative? If A/B-testing and User Research truly are vital processes, how can so many companies build great products without them? And is it actually important to be agile? Let’s talk about why it’s so difficult to know what truly helps us succeed, and what to do about it.
Tobias Ahlin has a background from product teams at Spotify and Github, teaching at Hyper Island and describes himself as someone who package bits of delight and surprise into simple apps.
Cloudy with a chance of Umbraco Awesomeness
Sep 21, 2016 – 59:46
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In this session Maff Rigby, freelance software developer, will demonstrate how he used Umbraco as a back-end configuration management platform to power an online Education platform via a custom-built API. This talk looks at running Umbraco on Windows Azure and taking advantages of multiple Azure services.
Sep 21, 2016 – 45:49
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
As an agency focused on crafting unique digital experiences, Spring/Summer built their own website on Umbraco as a service. Hear how an agency built an amazing, award winning website with a very strong design focus using nothing but their everyday OSX-based applications and UaaS.
Pushing Umbraco to the limits
Sep 21, 2016 – 55:34
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New Heroes is an online softskill learning platform which a large dev team has been working on fulltime for over 9 months.

It uses pretty much every api in the core and in this session we'll explain what techniques we've used to build this platform.
Personalisation Groups + Pipeline CRM
Sep 21, 2016 – 51:44
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Working at agencies developing solutions on Umbraco, Theo and Andy have been finding personalisation of content an oft requested feature. Although Umbraco doesn't currently offer an out of the box solution in this area, with the help of some community packages we are able to deliver personalised solutions to site visitors that are general purpose, extensible and under day to day control of the website editors.

In this session we'll discuss how personalised features can be delivered on Umbraco, using the Personalisation Groups and Pipeline CRM community packages.
Personalisation - Big gains from small steps
Sep 21, 2016 – 43:9
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Personalisation - it's on the top of every marketing department's shopping list, but what does it actually mean? Here we define exactly what personalisation is. We'll evaluate the different types of personalisation, looking at how and when they should be used. Most importantly we lay down the strategy thats needed to personalise effectively and to produce results. We'll look at just how important the research, user experience and design processes are when planning a personalisation strategy and we'll delve into the tools and plugin's that can be used to implement personalisation on an Umbraco website.
Performance and profiling Umbraco
Sep 21, 2016 – 59:0 – 1 likes
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Get stellar web performance using Umbraco, including optimizing code and images, how to measure performance and UX, what tools developers can use to measure, and future technologies that will help measure data more granularly from the browser.
Perceived performance
Sep 21, 2016 – 62:7
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
Website performance is important. It can be the difference between making a sale and losing a client. Luckily there are quite a few things we can do to enhance the user’s perception of a site’s performance. We’ll go through some nifty tricks that can improve the user experience of a website with waiting time.
Panel: Extreme property editors
Sep 21, 2016 – 54:17
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
Nested Content, Archetype and Grid, three different editors trying to solve the same problem: handling dynamic collections of data inside a single page. Ever wondered when to use what? Wonder no more as each editor is compared and their pros and cons are exposed.
Panel: Building products on Umbraco
Sep 21, 2016 – 75:22
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
Hear from 3 different product vendors, on how and why they decided to built a product on top of Umbraco, and how the friendly CMS is a friendly platform for both closed source applications, open source ecommerce and agency side projects.
Packages and Your Data on Umbraco as a Service
Sep 21, 2016 – 56:16
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Meet the new core
Sep 21, 2016 – 41:2
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ASP.NET Core had a very troubled and confusing genesis, changing names and merging with other projects in the course of the last 6 months.

In this talk we are going to clear up all the confusion and show what ASP.NET Core brings to the table for web developers.

Understand what ASP.NET Core is and how to install it
Understand the new flow of ASP.NET Core sites
Learn what the default modules do
How to develop outside of Visual Studio
Life as a ecommerce shop owner
Sep 21, 2016 – 61:28
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
Lars and Lasse from DuGlemmerDetAldrig invites you back behind the stage in a fast-growing ecommerce company that are about to go international. How does their technical platform serve as the foundation for the business and what tools and abilities does it take, to maintain an agile development-flow when growing +100% pr. year? The talk will most likely include insights into:

· Umbraco/uCommerce and Business Intelligence

· Supplementing tools for marketing, conversion rate optimization etc

· The technical setup including the team setup now and what they are aiming for the coming years
Komplett Group and Umbraco
Sep 21, 2016 – 45:52
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
We'll look at how a leading European e-commerce player uses Umbraco as a content production platform and how it's used for content delivery in a service based architecture.

Komplett Group has experienced large growth. Moving from being the nordics largest e-commerce player to one of Europe’s. This has demanded that the internal back office tools needs a major overhaul. Ramping up the developer team from 5 to 50 developers in just over a year, has allowed them to split up the long living monolith into micro services. For content handling, Umbraco has played an important role in this process.
How to be a frontender in 2016
Sep 20, 2016 – 47:4
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
The frontend-scene changes very rapidly, with philosophies and frameworks coming and going, and the platform natively supporting more and more. The hottest thing from 2015 is already so last year.

In this tour-de-force, Filip will show what was hot in 2016, and talk about how we can approach development in this ever-changing environment.

Disclaimer: This talk will contain an insane amount of acronyms and buzzwords!
Guerrilla marketing suite
Sep 20, 2016 – 45:49
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
Adam from Novicell will share tricks for using off-the-shelf services to build an alternative marketing suite. The million-dollar marketing suites out there may be awesome. However, do we need all that jazz? Can Umbraco and a handful of SaaS subscriptions do the same? Judge for yourself as Adam demos his alternatives.
Track segments across sites and emailsEasy lead management and CRM in minutesConnect the basic profiling dots between servicesProvide personalized content off visitor behavior
Going mobile with Umbraco and Xamarin Part 2
Sep 20, 2016 – 17:49
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
Learn more about mobile dev using Xamarin and how you can use Umbraco to improve your native apps.
Going mobile with Umbraco and Xamarin Part 1
Sep 20, 2016 – 31:42
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
Learn more about mobile dev using Xamarin and how you can use Umbraco to improve your native apps. An Umbraco approach to a headless CMS
Sep 20, 2016 – 58:17
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
In this session, you will learn how to use Umbraco as a headless CMS an approach DeCare Systems Ireland (DSI) took as they saw it has brought value to their customers while allowing faster development cycle.

We will explain the difference between traditional and headless CMS on a practical example used on the website. We’ll start by looking at the importance of the API and raw data focusing on the implementation details explaining modular structure and its benefits. After a deep dive into code we’ll finish outlining the scalability, applicability, extensibility and overall pros and cons of the headless CMS approach.

The goal of this session is to give you an overview of how easy it is to extend Umbraco and deliver flexible modular content components to provide real value to your customers.
Tour de Backoffice
Sep 20, 2016 – 60:17
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
Umbraco 7.4 backoffice have tons of extension points for frontend developers who want to enhance the editor experience or built entirely custom ones inside Umbraco.
Migrating Mom to Umbraco as a Service
Sep 20, 2016 – 50:24
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We've all been there, built a website for a family member / friend / pet and now it's starting to show it's age, as you've neglected it for far too long.

Follow Per as upgrade's his moms aging Umbraco 4 website to Umbraco 7.4, makes it amazing and at the same time moves it to Umbraco as a service so he never again has to worry about upgrading Umbraco himself.
Je Suis Core
Sep 20, 2016 – 67:44
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
Stephan and Shannon will take you on a Journey through the Umbraco Core codebase. This session will be presented feature by feature and we’ll try to bring to light many core APIs, concepts and wonders that you may not be fully aware of.
How we Run The Umbraco Open Source Project
Sep 20, 2016 – 53:19
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16
Have you always wondered what it looks like in the kitchen of Umbraco when we "cook" the software you love? Then this session is for you!

If you've ever built a piece of software for a client, you know it can be a complex task. There's multiple stakeholders who are all interested in getting their wishes implemented in the end result and there's schedules to live up to.

On a daily basis the team who builds Umbraco needs to plan and prioritize all of the wonderful community contributions. From bug reports to pull requests, new feature ideas and occasionally some hate (turn that frown upside down!), we juggle it all, even though it may look like there might be too many cooks in the kitchen.

This session features a special guest star appearance from Blake Smith ( who will send her first pull request live on stage. She'll show you how easy it is for a "newbie" contributor to improve Umbraco and offer her awesome changes back to us for inclusion in the next release of Umbraco.

What's in it for you? By understanding how we work you'll know how to best get our attention at getting your awesome ideas added to Umbraco. As an added bonus, this empowers you to not only help yourself but improve the lives of all the hundreds of thousands of people working with Umbraco on a daily basis!
The Future of Umbraco Core
Sep 20, 2016 – 48:37 – 1 likes
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16 Codegarden 2016
Want to know what will be in future versions of Umbraco? This is the session for you!

You will be taken through the features and fixes of the upcoming 7.5.0 version and then will find out more about the next minor version iterations in the 7.x series - the ideas that we have, what features could be included and community contributions.

Next up will be all about Umbraco v8.0. We've been making some nice progress with the v8 codebase, So we'll dive into it's current state, what still needs to be done and how you can get involved.
Good Morning and Welcome to CG16
Sep 20, 2016 – 75:49 – 1 likes
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16 Codegarden 2016
Opening of the annual Umbraco conference - Codegarden in Odense.
This is Odense #3
Mar 29, 2016 – 01:13
Fabio Trecca, from blogging collective This is Odense, shows his favourite part of town, the area around Overgade / Nedergade, featuring old townhouses, record shops and cafes

get your ticket for codegarden at
This is Odense #2
Jan 19, 2016 – 01:26
Bo Jessen from this is Odense shows his favourite spot in the city
This is Odense #1
Dec 9, 2015 – 01:26
our-codegarden-2016 codegarden16 cg16
Codegarden is moving the venue to Odense this year, so we teamed up with local culture blogging comunity "This is Odense" to showcase the delightful vibe of the city. Get your ticket at

Codegarden 2016 will be held at the beautiful DOK5000, on the harbour of Odense