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Jul 7, 2015 – 39:39 – 33 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
We want a corporate Umbraco platform! Errr.. Sure!
Jul 7, 2015 – 43:43 – 42 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
We want to take you on a journey through our project of consolidating a scattered landscape of dozens of Umbraco websites with different Umbraco versions, with each it's own customization to one multilingual Corporate Marketing platform.

To set up such a holy grail is not easy, due to the many stakeholders within the company such as marketing, several business units, IT operations, design agencies, with each their our opinion, concerns and requirements. Keeping all those parties happy requires a lot of deliberations.

Our main goal was organizing a long term development process that fully supports html-unfamiliar content editors who can quickly setup new websites according the needs of their business unit. Websites that all have a personal look and feel while sharing a corporate branding.

Creating a generic Umbraco platform meant we designed a (pre-grid) widget system to facillitate a flexible page setup while being consistent with the corporate UX guidelines. On a broader level we introduced content classification, instead of many content types, in combination with a Solr integration. This way each website can organize it's own page types (without any IT dependency) supported by an advanced faceted search.

With this platform in place screaming to reap all its possibilities we're now looking at a roadmap that will quickly introduce new features like usage of The Grid, a corporate wide search,...
Marrying Umbraco and Node.js
Jul 7, 2015 – 37:0 – 142 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
For Roskilde Festival we needed a great CMS, but with rapid horizontal scaling. TO solve this problem we chose Umbraco for the backoffice and a slim, stateless Node.js API server. This is our story.
Custom editors and super speed with elastic
Jul 7, 2015 – 61:52 – 48 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
Martin and Adam from Novicell will share from their bag of tricks of how to build large-scale custom ecommerce sites with Umbraco. The session is a case study of the Expert solution – one of Scandinavia’s largest electronics retailers. Learn how to manage multiple brands and sites in one big load balanced monster of an Umbraco integration solution that performs crazy-fast. Yes, crazy fast.
Selling Umbraco
Jul 7, 2015 – 35:51 – 99 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
We all have to “sell Umbraco”. The CMS itself might be free of charge, but convincing stakeholders to go with Umbraco can be daunting. After all, CMS Matrix lists some 1289 systems to choose from.

As the technical lead of a digital agency, I have “sold Umbraco” more times than I can remember. I have sold it to small companies and multinationals, IT and Marketing Directors, for projects of all shapes and sizes.

We, the Umbraco community, have a vested interest in Umbraco doing well. In this session I want to offer practical tips and share lessons learnt to help spread the word far and wide.
Make your editors happy
Jul 7, 2015 – 33:48 – 56 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
A good content editing experience is as important as a good working website. In this session I will show you how to make the content editing workflow better resulting in happier editors.

I will show some commonly used practices in setting up the backoffice. But more importantly I will show how you can improve them to create a better editor experience.

This will all be done with existing property editors. So no need for angular coding.
Contributing to the core
Jul 7, 2015 – 49:58 – 21 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
One of the best things about Umbraco is that it's open source and you can contribute features and fixes. It's addictive.

Obviously, making a contribution is not only great for your dopamine levels but it is also great for the Umbraco project. There's plenty of things that the core team can use a little help on, making the project better for everyone.

Sebastiaan and Chriztian will tell you all about how you can contribute to the core of Umbraco, even if you don't have Visual Studio installed at all.

They will cover different ways to contribute, how to work with git and github, what if you have a merge conflict and many more topics.

There will be plenty of examples and Seb and Chriztian will inspire you to then join them in the hack room where they will be available for the rest of the afternoon to help you submit your first (and second, and third..) contribution.
Building a global platform to deliver human rights change for Amnesty International
Jul 7, 2015 – 52:23 – 23 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
Code Computerlove recently worked with charity Amnesty International to totally redevelop their global website. It was a particularly exciting project creating a website that could contribute to human rights change at an international level, whilst delivering a solution that could support the organisation on its journey towards digital transformation.

In this session, we’ll be discussing how and why we chose Umbraco to help us meet Amnesty’s requirements and how we turned the first development stage of the project round in the space of just 12 weeks.

Topics include:

- Our approach to website instance scaling using Azure and some of the lessons we learned about how best to implement Umbraco on this platform.
- Our approach to multi-lingual content. The Amnesty site needed to be fully multi-lingual in 4 languages including Arabic with certain content in selected languages. We delivered a 1-to-1 multilingual site using the Vorto package.
- How we delivered a suite of flexible templates and components to support Amnesty’s powerful photo-journalism and campaigning. We needed to develop a creative solution that would do justice to Amnesty’ amazing content across device and bandwidth. Allowing editors around the globe to be able to tell the story of what’s happening on the ground at the click of a button.
Using ReactJS with Umbraco
Jul 7, 2015 – 58:27 – 925 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
Its all been about AngularJS of late, but with the Public Relations disaster that was the announcement of AngularJS v2 another new kid on the block got a look in at Offroadcode HQ.

ReactJS is the javascript templating library that is powering most of Facebook, Instagram and Yahoo mail. One of its main selling points is its ease to understand for new developers and ease of understanding existing React projects for those developers coming in your wake.

We've been pushing it and using it and really, really like it. Find out what it is, why its good and how we've found using it.
Securing Your Umbraco
Jul 7, 2015 – 49:5 – 95 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
So you’ve built your lovely new Umbraco powered site and you’re ready to push it up onto your production servers and switch that DNS. Victory at last.

But wait!

Are you sure that your website is secured against those web nasties? In this session we’ll look at the steps you can take to secure your Umbraco installation. From simple steps you can take in adding items into your web.config through to running penetration tests. Have you thought about those HTTP headers exposing your platform, sql injection, session hijacking, encrypting cookie content or cross site scripting? In this session we’ll take a simple site using Umbraco, demonstrate it’s vulnerabilities then go through and sort them.
Umbraco Load Balancing
Jul 7, 2015 – 47:19 – 3615 plays – 3 likes
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
Load Balancing is a tough challenge, there are many different requirements, configurations and techniques that it's difficult to know which way is the right way. This session will show you the pros & cons of Load Balancing, its common pitfalls, the various setup strategies and the recommended ones to use - with both current & future techniques!
How to develop a killer package
Jul 7, 2015 – 37:12 – 279 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
In this session Lee and Matt will look back through their history of developing packages and discuss what it takes to build a killer Umbraco package.

Starting with the package basics, what is an Umbraco package? Breaking down the different aspects like manifest files, package actions, limitations, etc.
How to create packages. The easy way via the back-office, or the advanced way using automated build scripts.
Releasing packages - Our Umbraco, NuGet, anything else (future)?
Best practises - which Umbraco version to target, naming your package (#NoMoreUPrefix), open-sourcing/GitHub, collaboration.
All Your Images Belong To Umbraco
Jul 7, 2015 – 50:32 – 130 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
Popular, Open Source imaging library, ImageProcessor operates within the core of Umbraco powering the ImageCropper but did you know it does more than just crop images?

In this session we’ll look at how to get the most out of ImageProcessor, how to extend it to suit your needs, tap into events to secure images, and use different cache providers to store your processed images on cloud services like Microsoft Azure.
So you installed Umbraco – Now what?
Jul 7, 2015 – 45:54 – 159 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
Blake’s session focuses on setting up your new Umbraco website using best practices to make it as intuitive as possible for your content editors.Blake will walk you through the setup, customization, and organization of a basic Umbraco site, explaining the reasoning behind each decision. We will take a look at evaluating your design, creating custom data types, setting up your document types, and taking SEO into consideration.The session ends with an evaluation of the finished site and some hints and tips for building easy to use sites with Umbraco.
Umbraco CodeGarden Keynote 2015
Jul 7, 2015 – 84:23 – 502 plays – 3 likes
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
Beyond the web
Jul 7, 2015 – 48:28 – 64 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
We all use Umbraco as a website Content Management System. We use it to manage content in various formats and we deliver beautifully crafted HTML templates that our users view through a web browser. Furthermore we have a great UI, a hierarchal data structure and the ability to deliver the output from our templates in a super snappy fashion.

Now let’s just step back a bit. The only tie-in we have to the "world wide web" is that the templates we deliver have a content-type set to "TEXT/HTML" - and we can change this quite easily! So why restrict Umbraco to just website content delivery?

What if we thought of our users as “clients” (as in a 'client / server’) and not just people sat in front of computers and mobile devices, but servers, proxies and services too.
This talk explores the use of Umbraco as a content management system, but not just as a system to manage websites - we explore how we can use it to manage content that powers telecommunications systems, services and apps, with some fun demo’s along the way.
Making the Leap from Umbraco v.4/6 to v.7
Jul 7, 2015 – 39:4 – 262 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
Version 7 of Umbraco is out - and hot. But if you've been working in versions 4 and 6 of Umbraco for the last few years, you might be nervous about the transition to version 7. This session will focus on the similarities and differences between 4/6 & 7 - and whether, when, and how you should consider making the switch.

Topics covered:

- Upgrading a version 4/6 site to v.7 (what to consider, when to start fresh instead)
- What's changed (New Umbraco service APIs, Angular JS Property Editors)
- Masterpages to MVC
- Tools & resources to help with upgrades and getting up-to-speed.
Umbraco Roadmap Panel
Jul 7, 2015 – 57:44 – 127 plays
Code Garden 2015 our-codegarden-2015
Q/A about the roadmap of Umbraco with Core / MVP members.
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