Create content programmatically

    In the example below, a new page is programmatically created using the content service. It is assumed that there are two document types, namely people and person. In this case, a new person is added underneath the people page.

    // Get access to ContentService
    var contentService = Services.ContentService;
    // Create a variable for the GUID of the parent where you want to add a child item.
    // In this case the people page. 
    var parentId = Guid.Parse("b6fbbb31-a77f-4f9c-85f7-2dc4835c7f31");
    // Create a new child item of type 'person'
    var person = contentService.Create("James", parentId, "person"); 
    // Set the value of the property with alias 'email'
    person.SetValue("email" , "[email protected]");
    // Set the value of the property with alias 'isAuthor'
    person.SetValue("isAuthor", false);
    // Save the child item