Upgrading - version specific

    This page covers specific upgrade documentation for specific versions.

    Version 8

    Version 8 of Umbraco Forms has a minimum dependency on Umbraco CMS core of 8.0.0 & higher. The reasoning behind this is due to some underlying changes in Umbraco CMS core.

    In order to upgrade from Umbraco Forms 7 to Umbraco Forms 8 make sure you read the Manual Upgrade instructions.

    Version 4 to Version 6

    Upgrading to Version 6 of Umbraco Forms, has a higher minimum dependency on Umbraco CMS core of 7.6.0 & higher. The reasoning behind this is due to some underlying changes to ensure Forms works with Umbraco Cloud & Deploy.

    With Umbraco you have many options to upgrade Umbraco Forms.

    • You can install the Forms package via the community package search from within the Developer Tab in the CMS
    • Umbraco Forms can be downloaded directly from our.umbraco.com
    • You can download a ZIP file containing the updated files which you can unzip & apply over the top of your existing install
    • You can upgrade Forms using NuGet. Doing this will require a few more steps, which you can find in the next section

    Upgrading with NuGet

    Using NuGet to perform an Upgrade of Umbraco Forms to the next major version, you will run into a problem where the legacy MacroPartial view file will be removed from the site. This causes any existing Umbraco Forms rendered on the site to stop functioning. Before running the site after the NuGet upgrade again; consider this may need to be done on each environment depending on your deployment process/setup. You will need to copy/restore the following file Views/MacroPartials/InsertUmbracoForm.cshtml from your source control solution.

    The file needs to be here before the site is restarted - due to the migration/upgrade tasks listed below.

    For new & clean installs done with NuGet this will not be a problem for you, as only the new Macro & its associated MacroPartial view file is part of the new NuGet version.

    Upgrade tasks

    The following outlines for version 6.0.0 what upgrade/migration tasks that are being performed:

    • Rename legacy macro to make it easier to identify in the backoffice
    • Adds new form macro to insert a form with a theme
    • Moves JSON Form Storage files from App_Plugins/UmbracoForms/Data to App_Data/UmbracoForms/Data by default unless a custom Forms IFileSystem is configured such as Azure blob storage
    • Moves any Form PreValue sources that uses text files that were uploaded to the media section & now stores in the Umbraco Forms IFileSystem


    We highly recommend you make the switch away from the legacy macro and swap over to the newer macro that supports the new 6.0.0 feature of themes. The legacy macro is there to ease the transition over and to avoid entire sites forms to stop working.