Customizing the "Links" box

    For a content item, Umbraco will show a Links box under the Info tab. By default, this box will show one or more links to content item.


    With the SendingContentModel event, we can manipulate the links in the Urls property - eg. replace it with some custom links (although a URL provider may be more suitable):

    EditorModelEventManager.SendingContentModel += (sender, e) => {
        // Replace the links with our custom array
        e.Model.Urls = new []
            "/products/?id=" + e.Model.Id

    or remove the box entirely by providing an empty list of links:

    Versions prior to Umbraco 7.13 don't support hiding the Links box, and as a result, the example below will just lead to an empty box.

    EditorModelEventManager.SendingContentModel += (sender, e) => {
        // Setting "Urls" to either null or an empty array will remove the box from the UI
        e.Model.Urls = null;