Applies to Umbraco 6.x and newer

    The LocalizationService acts as a "gateway" to Umbraco data for operations which are related to Dictionary items and Languages.

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    • Namespace: Umbraco.Core.Services
    • Assembly: Umbraco.Core.dll

    All samples in this document will require references to the following dll:

    • Umbraco.Core.dll

    All samples in this document will require the following using statements:

    using Umbraco.Core;
    using Umbraco.Core.Models;
    using Umbraco.Core.Services;

    Please note that this page will be updated with samples and additional information about the methods listed below

    Getting the service

    The LocalizationService is available through the ApplicationContext, but the if you are using a SurfaceController or the UmbracoUserControl then the LocalizationService is available through a local Services property.


    Getting the service through the ApplicationContext:



    Delete(IDictionaryItem dictionaryItem, [int userid = 0])

    Deletes a IDictionaryItem object and its related translations as well as its children.

    Delete(ILanguage language, [int userid = 0])

    Deletes a ILanguage by removing it and its usages from the db

    DictionaryItemExists(string key)

    Checks if a IDictionaryItem with given key exists


    Gets all available languages as an IEnumerable<Core.Models.ILanguage>

    GetDictionaryItemById(int id)

    Gets a IDictionaryItem by its id

    GetDictionaryItemById(Guid id)

    Gets a IDictionaryItem by its id

    GetDictionaryItemByKey(string key)

    Gets a IDictionaryItem by its key

    GetDictionaryItemChildren(Guid parentId)

    Gets a list of children as IEnumerable<IDictionaryItem> for parent IDictionaryItem

    GetLanguageByCultureCode(string cultureName)

    Gets a ILanguage by its culture code (Culture Name - also referred to as 'Friendly name')

    GetLanguageById(int id)

    Gets a ILanguage by its id

    GetLanguageByIsoCode(string isoCode)

    Gets a Language by its ISO code (ISO code of the language, i.e. en-US)


    Gets the root/top IDictionaryItem objects as IEnumerable<Core.Models.IDictionaryItem>

    Save(IDictionaryItem dictionaryItem, [int userid = 0])

    Saves a IDictionaryItem object

    Save(ILanguage language, [int userid = 0])

    Saves a ILanguage object